Content Promotion: How Do You Promote Your Twitter Thread

Jun 23, 2018

twitter thread content promotion

Andrew Chen is a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz focused on tech startups. He tweets helpful tips on startups and marketing. His recent Twitter thread about brand marketing and consumer startups attracts much attention.

So to maximize its benefits, he turned his Tweetstorm into a blog post, which is a smart content promotion. I received an email notification about the blog, so I assume all subscribers were also notified via email.

blog and email notification

He also published it as a LinkedIn article and shared it on LinkedIn.

andrew linkedin post

The study suggests lifespan of a social media post is short-lived. Andrew, being an experienced growth marketing consultant, I assume he knows it very well, and maybe that’s why he decided to use different mediums to extend the lifespan of his Twitter thread.

Andrew now has greater control over his content once it’s published as a blog article. He can easily edit or update it, add media elements, follow SEO guidelines, and take other actions to enhance its promotion.

Usually, we write an article first and then use different mediums like email newsletter, social media, video, audio, slide deck, pdf, community/forum, syndication, influencer, paid ads, language translation, and others to get it promoted.

However, in this specific scenario, Andrew’s approach was kind of reverse, and it makes sense. The engagement in his tweetstorm was significant. It probably triggers his marketing talent to publish this Twitter thread as a blog post for more substantial and long-term outreach.

Perhaps he planned this Twitter thread well from the start. With a large number of Twitter followers, he likely chose Twitter to emphasize the importance of his thoughts.

Massive Twitter engagement and attention demonstrated the value of Andrew’s topic, prompting him to turn it into a blog post. As a prudent marketer, this decision was reasonable.

He effectively promoted his tweetstorm in five different ways.

The blog post and LinkedIn article are acting as a growth marketing lever to promote his Twitter thread. Regular users are now sharing it on social media, leaving comments, linking it, and doing all other things to increase the promotion of this article.

Andrew might use other methods to grow the span of his Twitter thread but what he already did is excellent to get the growth process continuing.

andrew twitter thread promotion

Twitter thread->Blog post->Email newsletter->LinkedIn article->LinkedIn post -> Cross-post tweetstorm on LinkedIn

Content promotion is becoming more diverse to meet the fast-paced technology. Skilled marketers are adding different channels to their lists to get the content promoted. Twitter thread is one of them.

Andrew Chen showed us how it could be used as a promotional tactic. We should gain knowledge from this specific example and be ready to use the Twitter thread as a content promotion method when necessary.