What 4 Agencies Wrote to Backlink to My Magento SEO Articles

Dec 17, 2018

link building

Some individuals from different web development and digital marketing agencies reached out through email to backlink to my Magento SEO articles. I want to share what they wrote and my thoughts on those link building emails.

1. Here is one from matthewwoodward.co.uk. It is an award-winning internet marketing blog. I know he is from the U.K.

mwcouk link building email

According to the tracking info section, someone named Heather from Costa Rica found out my article using Ahrefs.com and reached out to me on behalf of matthewwoodward.co.uk. Now, I only know this information because Heather decided to use the contact form on my site which is using a tracking script.

Everything in the tracking info section was helpful. It is sort of clear that Matthew has an international team. It might or might not be spam.

I was mostly intrigued by the Ahrefs.com URL which helped Heather to come to my site.

ahrefs URL

As you notice the URL is not a usual one and it was redirecting to the Magento article which I wrote. Using Chrome DevTools and Firefox DevTools I found very little about the URL. So, I decided to use cURL, and it fetches a lot of information associated with the URL

ahrefs alerts tool

I am okay with Ahrefs crawling my site, but it should give me an option to opt-out of those alerts. Google, for instance, offers tools like URL Removal Tool. Ahrefs being a popular SEO tool they probably also should secure their HTTP headers to assure us that we are in safe hands

ahrefs http security headers

You could watch the video as well where I’ve shared my thoughts

I was introduced to matthewwoodward.co.uk through a blog post on Ahrefs.com. Checked out the site, read a post and felt okay. But now I am having second thoughts. It also reminds me of the warning about Matthew from the blog author, Joshua Hardwick.

ahrefs blog post

2. This link building request email is from singlegrain.com. It is a digital marketing agency, and the owner is entrepreneur Eric Siu. I know they have offices in California and New York.

sg link building emailHere are two other emails from Saad

sg link building emails

I replied to him asking opportunities to write a post together with Eric but got no response.

link building emails reply

It only increased my doubt towards link building outreach email. Digital agency time is worth investing in other vital areas like web security, business relevant tools, better coding, organized SEO planning, better planning and investment to acquire links than the emails mentioned above.

3. Here is another one from magemail.co. I know it’s an email automation SaaS targeting Magento CMS. They are from the U.S.

mm link building

I heard good things about this tool. As long as they keep adding new features and good contents they won’t have any shortages of useful backlinks.

4. Here is one from tatvic.com. They provide web analytics service, and I know they are based in India.

tc link building email

Tatvic has some excellent posts on Google Analytics. I know them since around 2015. They are better off without a link from my blog.

Auditing backlink is necessary, and if someone mentioned my article without linking to it, I definitely want to reach out. But, I don’t think it’s a good investment of our valuable time writing link building outreach emails to request backlinks. It involves the risk of harming email sending reputation score and being recognized as a spammer.

So, let’s avoid it as much as possible, thank you!