How to Find New Products in A Shopify Store & Audit Their Schema Markup for SEO

Dec 14, 2019

Sometimes SEO analysts, developers, or e-commerce managers may need to retrieve products created in a specific date range or simply to see the products which are newly added to the store. Shopify doesn’t offer a built-in filter to sort products by date. So, this is an obvious hurdle for those folks to get their tasks done.

In my case, I was assigned a task to audit structured data SEO on several newly created products in a Shopify eCommerce store. Popular web crawler tool Screaming Frog has the option to test and validate structured data. However, my task was specifically about new products instead of the whole store.

To get the new product list, I wanted to either export the products filtered by date from the Shopify admin panel or use a crawler like Screaming frog to extract the product creation date & export the file.

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After doing some digging, I found that filtering products by creation date is not natively available in Shopify. Also, product schema markup has properties like “productionDate”, “purchaseDate”, “releaseDate” but not anything like “productCreationDate” or “ProductAdditionDate”. So, it’s not possible to use Regex or XPath to extract the product creation date using a crawler.

shopify admin panel product filterProduct filters in Shopify admin panel

I could use some custom coding to make that date appear in the admin panel or the site, but it was not intended. If anyone wants to display product creation/publishing date below the product title, you may want to check out this page from Shopify’s help center or forum posts like these ones (here & here).

This store is using an app called Excelify to bulk manage its products and for the Google Shopping campaign. Luckily this app offer options to export products filtered by creation date with possible conditions like “on or after”“on or before“, “date range”, “relative date”. So, I ended up using it.

excelify app filters in the shopify admin panelExcelify app filters in the Shopify admin panel

excelify filter conditions in shopifyExcelify “created at” filter conditions

I also used this app while migrating the same store from WooCommerce to Shopify. I’ve nothing but good things to say about Excelify. Finally, I used Screaming Frog’ s “List” mode to get my schema markup audit done on those new products.

This blog is about my experience to retrieve newly added products in a Shopify store. You might know a better way to do it. Hopefully, some of the resources shared in this post are useful. Thank you!