3 Suggestions to Increase Lead Generation of A Landing Page

Feb 27, 2018

Conductor is a well-reputed SEO platform and I will discuss one of their lead generation landing pages today, https://www.conductor.com/learning-center/educational-content-impacts-revenue/, through three brief considerations.

1. Missing Opportunity to Generate Leads from Twitter Post 

This page has been shared 7 times on Twitter with photos and GIFs, but Conductor didn’t take advantage of their social media marked-up URL to drive traffic straight (this traffic could be a user from his/her desktop/laptop, tablet or smartphone) to the landing page, which has more possibility to earn a lead.

As graphic elements are more visible a social media post being shared users tend to click on the image/gif/video first, then the URL.

A lot of times users don’t click on the URL at all which means less traffic to the web page associated with that post. And, that’s why major social media make it easier to kill two birds (grab attention with media & drive direct traffic to the web page post being clicked) with one stone by initiating tags/markup feature.

It’s vital to know the difference between posting in a social media with or without a marked-up URL.

Conductor has a significant number of Twitter followers. As the landing page is already Twitter card validated, it’s worth a try to get the URL shared either direct or via the social sharing tool like Buffer (other popular tools can be HootSuiteSprout Social, etc.).

It could be a part of social media A/B/n test. Remember that, the A/B/n test elements are post’s text content, graphics media elements, hashtags, URL, different times/time zones, ADs etc.

The site is on WordPress and they are using well-known Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin has options to choose summary with a large image for twitter card so that should be selected instead of the summary to make the post visually appealing.

yoast wordpress seo plugin settings

Marked-up URL has been posted on Facebook and LinkedIn though. It was catching attention with a relevant image and taking users straight to the landing page the image being clicked on. So, those posts served its purpose very well in both ways. Here are the screenshots.


conductor landingpage linkedin post

Note: Consider Facebook lead ads, Linkedin lead generation ads if you want to try paid medium to generate leads.

2. Form Validation, Form Fields & UI, Voice & Machine Learning

In this landing page, the lead capturing form is Marketo integrated (a popular marketing automation software), but its email address validation system is not strong. I was able to submit the form with “test@test.com“, so, Conductor team may want to look into this issue.

The team probably segment those leads and remarket them in many different ways so advanced method should be used to keep the number of bad leads low.

It’s important to mention that remarketing mediums include email marketing, SMS/text, Google Analytics RLSA, Google AdWords remarketing, AdWords customer match, Facebook custom audience, LinkedIn matched audiences, Twitter remarketingetc. Whether the form is spam-free or not this should be taken into account as well.

conductor leadgeneration landingpage

As users will browse the page from different devices like desktop/laptop, smartphone, and tablet, if possible, form fields should be decreased to make the conversion process easier (e.g., instead of “First Name” & “Last Name” it could be just “Name”, if not that necessary “Company” field should be dropped as well).

conductor-leadgeneration landingpage form

Split testing the form and whole template would probably be the ideal way to identify the conversion-friendly landing page.

Offering options to fill out the form using voice is another advanced medium to increase conversions, dialogflow.com, is a Google-owned company who are offering services to integrate voice.

3. Webpage Security, Speed, Thank You Message

The resource PDF and couple other graphic elements are loading from a non-secured server which might make some users to not submit the form, it should be fixed.

chrome devtool webpage test

Some of the scripts and CSS should be optimized to upgrade the page speed, it’s already good though.

The thank you message should be highlighted so that it is easily visible, “Download the research now!” is not hyperlinked. Also, the current message is targeting desktop users only not opening the PDF in a new tab on smartphone and tablet, it needs to be rephrased.

conductor lp thankyou page

Conductor is already using advanced marketing techniques to increase their landing page conversions. Hopefully, those 3 points mentioned above will add some values to their research.

Google Chrome dev toolsScreaming Frog SEO spiderWappalyzer Chrome extensionGoogle tag assistantBuiltwith technology profiler Chrome extension,Twitter card validator helped me to audit this landing page and I appreciate it a lot!