4 Ways to Increase Website Traffic to Energizer® Battery Brand

Oct 09, 2019

growth tips for energizer brand

In 2018, I proposed four tips to drive more traffic while working with Energizer®, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of batteries. I came up with those ideas while working on an extensive keyword research project for this famous brand, and here they are:

1. Let’s consider user-generated content (UGC) as a rich source to know products that are using those batteries. Partners like Amazon, Walmart, Homedepot, Bestbuy, etc., already benefitted through UGC features like product ratings, customer questions & answers, reviews, and many more. I suggested that Energizer, as a manufacturer, should consider the following UGC-related options.

a. Community or people-powered discussions

Creating and nurturing a community surrounding a product really helps drive growth and retention. It is an excellent source to share and collect information where users will hang out, interact and exchange information with each other. An active community always discusses latest news about the product, report issues, share & brainstorm ideas, provide suggestions and help each other. Therefore, it always attracts search engines to pick up data from there. Competitor battery company like Duracell and others are already using forums:

Pro tip: A community hosted on the companies own website is preferable for SEO benefit.

b. Survey bar or widget

We should survey visitors with creative copies to know the reason for visiting a specific page and use those data to update Energizer’s user interface and product descriptions.

For instance, here is the United Kingdom public sector information website (Gov.uk) surveying visitors to get their feedback on the content and user interface of the page. It sits there permanently and is not annoying like a popup.
uk gov website

Here is another example from Philips.com surveying its visitors to collect data and enrich their visiting experience accordingly.
usa philips

c. Search bar

We should improve the internal search engine to satisfy user needs by implementing the following features

  • Fold out search bar on mobile device instead of showing a magnifying glass
  • Provide suggestions and completion of the queries
  • Show product image
  • Enable synonym search or other methods of dealing with ambiguous queries
  • Be ‘typo tolerant’
  • Consider voice-generated queries
  • Put search where people expect it
  • Display popular search queries

It will likely improve and impact the user journey a lot.  Accuracy of the captured search queries will be then improved, and Energizer can gain valuable insights into user intent by analyzing them. The internal search term Google Analytics dashboard could be something like this

energizer google analytics dashboard

The UI of the current search result page needs to be updated, and it should include the product image. And, if we allow this page to be indexed by the search engines, the meta title needs to be updated.

We also should analyze the search queries of this FAQ section https://energizer.custhelp.com/app/answers/list and update the product information accordingly. Also, to make the FAQ section more useful, we should seek options to host it to the main site.

2. If we could collect top monthly search terms that are driving sales to specific batteries from partners like Amazon, Walmart, The Home Depot, Best Buy, Walgreens, etc. it would be helpful to update those battery descriptions with those keywords.

3. I think there are rooms to optimize Pricespider.com’s feed and its user interface. It didn’t offer Amazon for several batteries. We also should test if it displays a scroll bar for all screen resolutions. The mobile UI has rooms to be updated as well.

4. The battery finder tool which was suggested would be excellent to stay informed on the products which are using Energizer batteries and update those battery details accordingly

I would like to add two suggestions to increase the tool’s chance to be more useful

  • A section in this tool should be dedicated to adding those products which users do not find while using the tool
  • Adding a widget with options to email, bookmark, copy the URL, text/SMS and share on social media

The following tools of these popular brands lack these features which likely would make them more useful

Energizer wanted to streamline the process of staying up-to-date on the product usage of its batteries. It was the core focus of my comprehensive keyword research project. I felt like vast keyword research will always be integral for a brand like Energizer. However, there must be more internal control so that Energizer can easily sift through those keywords to stay updated. That’s why I shared those ideas, which were welcomed and praised by the team. Hopefully, you will find them useful as well. Thank you!