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Russell Huq: SEO, Web Development, E-commerce, and Digital Marketing Consultant

I am a technical marketing consultant in New York City. Over the past 14 years, I co-founded an agency and consulted companies like Healthline MediaEnergizerEdgewell Personal Care BrandsStokke, and many others. 

I also built some Magento extensions, WordPress plugins, SEO, and social media marketing tools. Get in touch with me if you need help grow your business.

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Ecommerce Fraud and Security: 10 Resources to Stay Up-to-Date

Jan 19, 2020

resource to stay informed on ecommerce fraud

Ecommerce is growing everywhere and so is eCommerce fraud. The fraudsters could be either buyers or sellers. Also, don’t be surprised if the scammers are both buyers and sellers. They are constantly coming up with new ideas to game the…

7-Step Technical SEO Audit of A LinkedIn Article

Mar 28, 2018

linkedin lacks technical seo

Last year, I wrote few articles on LinkedIn and expected the last one probably will attract more visitors. I got some visits from my LinkedIn connections, but very few from popular search engines like Google or Bing. Here is the…

What 4 Agencies Wrote to Backlink to My Magento SEO Articles

Dec 17, 2018

link building

Some individuals from different web development and digital marketing agencies reached out through email to backlink to my Magento SEO articles. I want to share what they wrote and my thoughts on those link building emails. 1. Here is one from…